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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Trilogy of the Agent & His Writer

The Perfect Christmas Gift for a reader of Romance/Espionage Novels!

How special your friend/lover will feel to receive all of the books of The Agent & His Writer!  Beginning with Assignment ~ Love, continuing to Assignment ~ NOLA and ending with Assignment ~ Cote d'Azur, follow the couple who find one another in their 40s, when it seemed finding true love would never happen!  To their astonishment they also find a new excitement of sharing OPs with one another and enjoying the world of espionage while making the World a better place for everyone.

In the 1st Segment of Assignment ~ Love, Jenny Stewart finds her husband in the marriage bed with his Assistant Architect.  She snaps a photo of them and marches off to a friend who specializes in divorces.....
In the 2nd Segment, Assignment ~ NOLA, Jenny & Doug Nelson, FBI/CPA Agent are an item/married and off to their second OP for the FBI in New Orleans.  Instead of the Drug Cartels, this time they are seeking who is behind the payment of Bounties on Quarterbacks....which has been rumored to be the Mafia...but which one?  In their 3rd Segment, Assignment ~ Cote d'Azur, our now well seasoned couple are headed for the Mediterranean to follow the Drug Cartels once more.  It is the deepest part of the Depression Worldwide and those running drugs realize that Europe can be their best ally, with so many out of jobs and ripe for the plucking.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Assignment~Cote d'Azur, 3rd in the Series now available!!!

For all you readers ready for the 3rd in the Series of The Agent and His is now ready! 

Barely over their last espionage as undercover recruiters for the NFL, Jenny and Doug have been apprised of their next escapade to follow-up on Assignment~Love.  The Cartel Sinaloa has expanded into Europe and near Gibraltar on the coast of Spain in the town of Algeceris, their next starting point to find the traffickers bringing in drugs and slaves from South America.

From the book:
           "Jenny and Doug bid John adieu until 10PM and set the tapas tray outside their door before heading back to their patio to watch the sun slice below the water line in what had become their favorite time of the day. 

                Doug had refilled his glass with a Coca-Cola and Jenny switched to a light wine and they both put on wraps with the wind coming in from the Mediterranean lowering the temperature to the 60s.
            The sky actually appeared to be made of gold with Gibraltar the most golden part of that scene and they both decided they were on a winning course in not only their careers but also their personal lives and marriage.  Jenny knew she at least had awakened sexually for the first time in her life and what could feel more complete for any human being than to be loved as well as sexually satisfied?" 

A fast paced and fully satisfying sequel to the previous "Agent and His Writer" series, now on Amazon.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

ASSIGNMENT ~ LOVE, 1st of the Trilogy of Romance & Suspense

Excerpt from the book:
"Jenny had just received her divorce settlement and was moving into her new digs in Prairie Village, Kansas.  The area was on the border of Missouri and Kansas, suiting her perfectly with the kids in adjacent Mission Hills.  She could not imagine having to live any distance from her new grand daughter Sarah, whom her daughter had delivered just three months before the divorce. Now that was just six months ago and she was beginning to feel the full relief which comes when something which is not quite finished has finally run its’ course.  She and her daughter both loved the proximity to the Plaza which was their favorite haunt when wanting something unique to wear or eat. 
She had hired the more inexpensive local movers and was glad to see what appeared to be a college boy driving the truck with two more college looking kids unloading it when she pulled up in her Jaguar.  This was her only gift to herself from the settlement.  Though the Jag was ten years old it still had cost her $9,000 and was black with beige interior.  It had over 70,000 miles on it but her mechanic had checked out the engine and all other necessary parts of a vehicle and given it the OK.  As she slipped out of the car she realized she still felt extra smart finally having the car of her dreams. 
            She noticed her neighbor coming from his house next door and realized he was quite a hunk and that he was eyeing her as well!  Oh, well, she needed to keep her mind on her job at hand!  However, she reflected that she was glad she had worn the turquoise pedal pushers and white tailored man’s shirt tied in the front for this move.  She knew it suited her with her red hair pulled up and held by the Spanish comb she found along with the clothes at the Retro Shop she and her daughter Susanne shopped at.  The clothes from the 50’s were so comfortable being 100% cotton, unlike most clothing of today.  Also, they showed off a girl’s waist so much better!"

Monday, August 15, 2016

ASSIGNMENT ~ NOLA .... 2nd in the trilogy of love..

"Doug rushed into the house and closed the door, looking back through the peep hole to see if anyone was watching before grabbing her naked body into his welcoming arms and planting a kiss that he hoped was not reminiscent of any other kiss she’d received from door-to-door vendors.  After several such kisses which led to deeper kisses Doug finally pushed his new wife to arm’s length and told her,
      “Let me clean up too before we go further with this conversation!” A large smile ended this sentence.
      “Oh, OK….darn it….and you have me all primed and ready….besides you smell perfectly clean to me!” Jenny protested.
      “Maybe on the outside, but my assignment did not allow any time whatsoever in the last 48 hours for a bath!” Doug assured her.

      “Well, my bath water is run already but is filled with my perfume…….so let me finish my bath too and we’ll both be ready for anything our hearts desire!” Jenny agreed.
      With that, they both ran to the Master Bath with Doug stripping his clothes as he neared the shower and Jenny plunging back into the Jacuzzi and grabbing the sponge to make sure all crevices were immaculate.Doug too was using his sponge and began singing Let’s Get It On, which was she and Doug’s favorite song by Barry White.  By the time Jenny was ready to dry off and slip into something sexy, discarding the flannels for silk, Doug was singing Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe followed by Take It Off, Take It All Off and it took all the courage she could drum up to let the negligee fall over her head and not jump into the shower with Doug.
      When Doug saw her running a brush through her curly red locks and spraying herself with her Pheromone in all the special places he so desired, he knew he wasn’t going to share his shower with her and pulled his towel from the top of the shower door and commenced drying himself.
      “I’m surprised my invitation didn’t lure you into my rain cave!” Doug tempted his love.

      “I don’t want you to think I’m always so EASY!” Jenny sounded like a Matron from Mission Hills."

Sunday, August 19, 2012