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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Trilogy of the Agent & His Writer

The Perfect Christmas Gift for a reader of Romance/Espionage Novels!

How special your friend/lover will feel to receive all of the books of The Agent & His Writer!  Beginning with Assignment ~ Love, continuing to Assignment ~ NOLA and ending with Assignment ~ Cote d'Azur, follow the couple who find one another in their 40s, when it seemed finding true love would never happen!  To their astonishment they also find a new excitement of sharing OPs with one another and enjoying the world of espionage while making the World a better place for everyone.

In the 1st Segment of Assignment ~ Love, Jenny Stewart finds her husband in the marriage bed with his Assistant Architect.  She snaps a photo of them and marches off to a friend who specializes in divorces.....
In the 2nd Segment, Assignment ~ NOLA, Jenny & Doug Nelson, FBI/CPA Agent are an item/married and off to their second OP for the FBI in New Orleans.  Instead of the Drug Cartels, this time they are seeking who is behind the payment of Bounties on Quarterbacks....which has been rumored to be the Mafia...but which one?  In their 3rd Segment, Assignment ~ Cote d'Azur, our now well seasoned couple are headed for the Mediterranean to follow the Drug Cartels once more.  It is the deepest part of the Depression Worldwide and those running drugs realize that Europe can be their best ally, with so many out of jobs and ripe for the plucking.

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