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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Assignment~Cote d'Azur, 3rd in the Series now available!!!

For all you readers ready for the 3rd in the Series of The Agent and His is now ready! 

Barely over their last espionage as undercover recruiters for the NFL, Jenny and Doug have been apprised of their next escapade to follow-up on Assignment~Love.  The Cartel Sinaloa has expanded into Europe and near Gibraltar on the coast of Spain in the town of Algeceris, their next starting point to find the traffickers bringing in drugs and slaves from South America.

From the book:
           "Jenny and Doug bid John adieu until 10PM and set the tapas tray outside their door before heading back to their patio to watch the sun slice below the water line in what had become their favorite time of the day. 

                Doug had refilled his glass with a Coca-Cola and Jenny switched to a light wine and they both put on wraps with the wind coming in from the Mediterranean lowering the temperature to the 60s.
            The sky actually appeared to be made of gold with Gibraltar the most golden part of that scene and they both decided they were on a winning course in not only their careers but also their personal lives and marriage.  Jenny knew she at least had awakened sexually for the first time in her life and what could feel more complete for any human being than to be loved as well as sexually satisfied?" 

A fast paced and fully satisfying sequel to the previous "Agent and His Writer" series, now on Amazon.

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