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Thursday, September 15, 2016

ASSIGNMENT ~ LOVE, 1st of the Trilogy of Romance & Suspense

Excerpt from the book:
"Jenny had just received her divorce settlement and was moving into her new digs in Prairie Village, Kansas.  The area was on the border of Missouri and Kansas, suiting her perfectly with the kids in adjacent Mission Hills.  She could not imagine having to live any distance from her new grand daughter Sarah, whom her daughter had delivered just three months before the divorce. Now that was just six months ago and she was beginning to feel the full relief which comes when something which is not quite finished has finally run its’ course.  She and her daughter both loved the proximity to the Plaza which was their favorite haunt when wanting something unique to wear or eat. 
She had hired the more inexpensive local movers and was glad to see what appeared to be a college boy driving the truck with two more college looking kids unloading it when she pulled up in her Jaguar.  This was her only gift to herself from the settlement.  Though the Jag was ten years old it still had cost her $9,000 and was black with beige interior.  It had over 70,000 miles on it but her mechanic had checked out the engine and all other necessary parts of a vehicle and given it the OK.  As she slipped out of the car she realized she still felt extra smart finally having the car of her dreams. 
            She noticed her neighbor coming from his house next door and realized he was quite a hunk and that he was eyeing her as well!  Oh, well, she needed to keep her mind on her job at hand!  However, she reflected that she was glad she had worn the turquoise pedal pushers and white tailored man’s shirt tied in the front for this move.  She knew it suited her with her red hair pulled up and held by the Spanish comb she found along with the clothes at the Retro Shop she and her daughter Susanne shopped at.  The clothes from the 50’s were so comfortable being 100% cotton, unlike most clothing of today.  Also, they showed off a girl’s waist so much better!"

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