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Monday, August 15, 2016

ASSIGNMENT ~ NOLA .... 2nd in the trilogy of love..

"Doug rushed into the house and closed the door, looking back through the peep hole to see if anyone was watching before grabbing her naked body into his welcoming arms and planting a kiss that he hoped was not reminiscent of any other kiss she’d received from door-to-door vendors.  After several such kisses which led to deeper kisses Doug finally pushed his new wife to arm’s length and told her,
      “Let me clean up too before we go further with this conversation!” A large smile ended this sentence.
      “Oh, OK….darn it….and you have me all primed and ready….besides you smell perfectly clean to me!” Jenny protested.
      “Maybe on the outside, but my assignment did not allow any time whatsoever in the last 48 hours for a bath!” Doug assured her.

      “Well, my bath water is run already but is filled with my perfume…….so let me finish my bath too and we’ll both be ready for anything our hearts desire!” Jenny agreed.
      With that, they both ran to the Master Bath with Doug stripping his clothes as he neared the shower and Jenny plunging back into the Jacuzzi and grabbing the sponge to make sure all crevices were immaculate.Doug too was using his sponge and began singing Let’s Get It On, which was she and Doug’s favorite song by Barry White.  By the time Jenny was ready to dry off and slip into something sexy, discarding the flannels for silk, Doug was singing Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe followed by Take It Off, Take It All Off and it took all the courage she could drum up to let the negligee fall over her head and not jump into the shower with Doug.
      When Doug saw her running a brush through her curly red locks and spraying herself with her Pheromone in all the special places he so desired, he knew he wasn’t going to share his shower with her and pulled his towel from the top of the shower door and commenced drying himself.
      “I’m surprised my invitation didn’t lure you into my rain cave!” Doug tempted his love.

      “I don’t want you to think I’m always so EASY!” Jenny sounded like a Matron from Mission Hills."

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